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18. this is

I’ve always liked the way professional musicians write themselves into the future or cast themselves as timeless entities; love how an artist can lyrically challenge his listener in this way while extending its commercial appeal and relevance.

I wanted to say my own goodbye, and I wanted to say that this music was my last stand, so to speak, and that I’m going to sing my life and perspective here and that’s it. Then I’m done with it. I’m done with it all.

Not so much a death wish as a promise to keep. My work shall set me free.

This was also the last cut I initially had planned to include in the The Shut The Hell Up Sessions collection of songs–the initial group. My first group. “Time to say goodbye to being an absolute newbie,” was the idea, but I would add the following 5 songs because I didn’t know what else to do with them at the time, but I kind of already started sounding like I wanted to do something else and call it something else so it would serve a different purpose for me. I wanted my current life experience to continue to influence my communicative expressions in music, and I got what I wished for in demonic busloads–I’d group my next collection of songs under the “album” title Surviving Home.

Surviving Home.