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17. revenge for none

I’m sure I wrote this with biological father in mind, since there is a verse about him in this, but it wasn’t only about him. It was about turning the whole thing around on myself and the world. I just wanted to say that I’m not the other guy who’s out there or on the outside of it or crazy. I just wanted to say that I’m not the real problem here, that in fact, I am crazy but there has always been a freedom in crazy for me and in truth that has kept me alive and kicking. I’m not the problem; I’m my own solution. It was a powerfully liberating thing for me to say. Really nothing more to it.

Well, of course there was the idea that I kept thinking about Pink Floyd’s The Wall, and the whole hating school bit. There are obvious and not so obvious nods and references and influences to artists I grew up with all over my music. I do stand on their shoulders–all the greats and one-hit wonders that came before me and shaped me somehow; they didn’t invite me there, I decided to do jump up there myself. The view is better and it was time for me.