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Two words: Pan Flute!!

Please don’t be painful; this is a metaphor for life, but you can count the words relating to music and its production if you’d like. 🙂

I love the completely flexible, ambiguous nature of the English language. This makes for interpretation as vast and various as can be found in the human mind. For example, the title “single” implies the lone idealist, as if this romantic perspective of life and the brotherhood of man is one man’s alone and not shared, as would be implied in a title like “album,” “CD,” “chorus” or similar. True to this production’s creator, since I write almost exclusively some form of protest that aspires to reach and/or move the listener, but also shock, awaken and shake him/her a bit. This by simply telling my story–my single.

It’s been about a year since I’ve returned to making music, so I hope you can hear the confidence in my style and presentation; I’m no longer frightened to hear my voice, for starters. From concept to upload, I’ve also cut production time to about 1/15 of what is started at. Just getting better, I suppose, for what that means by my definition alone, thanks.


sittin’ down with an old guitar
and an older memory
play a tune like my first new car
hearing everything i’ve got to see

time has played me well enough
it has orchestrated me
i think of all the sounds i live
and i feel the melody

when i’m older than years ago
where i can’t yet see myself
will i cry my lonely self to sleep
when i listen to this song once again


standin’ up with a new guitar
and a brand new memory
play a tune like my first new car
singing everything i am to be

words and music are mine alone
on lead guitar’s the man himself
harmony by the friends and fam
rythm is the music man

and we all raise a joyful noise
and we all sing our truth
and we live our single as it spins
on this turntable blue


here’s a ballad that’s quick to stare
a reverb that’s old as time
where’s the verse that gets me out of here
what’s the chord to ease my mind

and here’s a number that’s popular
and has echoed through the world
it samples something from everything
of every man woman boy and girl

there are so many number ones
and still more of the lesser known
among the age-long song catalog
always let your music sound