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15. death and sex

Changed the artwork style because I’ve been at this a year now and it was time to reflect that growth. I’m a bigger boy now, so I should look like it. I’ve also grown in confidence so I can start showing my face without masking it, which is, as someone new to self-expression, not my unique behaviour.

Have and will not post this on FB because that page is so family-oriented–everyone has a baby! This kind of music is for those who make the effort to visit my soundcloud page or have SC pages and can appreciate the weird of someone because they’re a little weird too and are not afraid to realize and embrace that and make the world a more colourful place as a result.


you wanna be free
you wanna be someone you are not supposed to be
until you can see
until you can see you are the one you’re meant to be

be with me-e-e-e

you wanna be free
you wanna be somewhere you are not supposed to be
until you can be
until you can be as you and i were meant to be

be with me-e-e-e-e-e-e

it’s that “oh god” unknown,
what you feel, you–alone
it is what brings change to every little thing

it’s what i can do well
it is heaven in hell
it is how you change your every little thing

because it is free
because it is someone, somewhere, sometimes–anything!
until you’re with me
until you’re with someone who is not like anything

be with me-e-e-e

the one you can free
the one who can be someone you are supposed to be
until you are free
until you are free of everything you’re meant to be

be with me-e-e-e-e-e-e

it’s what terrifies some
it’s what keeps us all dumb
sleepless source of major divinity

poetry in motion
prose of god’s extortion
of our mortal, moral virginity

it’s that “oh god” you own
together but alone
willing, able or unexpectedly

it’s the motivation
it’s what happens to one
if they are anything approaching me