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8. show and tell

I love this song because it’s so entirely honest and revealing. As of now, I could not be anymore honest and, well, intimately personal about my reasons for making music again. This song equates my natural talent for music with something divine–as you hear in the lyrics and production, I sing the joyful promise of melody and “I swear to brunt a lyrical salvation,” while achieving a kind of enlightenment or liberation as a result of my honest approach to myself and who I am.

You can hear the childhood influences of the Catholic Church here, literally, with even the final musical section using a chord combination used commonly by church cathedral bells during a celebration or right of passage. This was all intentional, yet happened rather organically, and reveals my almost spiritual passion for and relationship to all things musical.

At the same time, I attempt to promise a continued path of personal growth, as I “remind myself it’s time to shelf the world as it is to me.” It’s time for me to move on. It’s time for me to forgive myself and the world and make music again.

And I love this song because at its heart, it uses few words to express a declaration, confirmation, resolution, and promise.

If you want to know what my music and I am about right now, listen to this and read the lyrics. It is really where my heart and head are at, at this time, as I crawl my way out from the darkness of silence and into my own voice and spiritual warmth of musical bliss. 🙂